Stansted Airport

I'm sat having a bit of breakfast in Stansted Airport at the moment. The flight to New York is due to board in about an hour so a bit of time to catch up on all of the blogs out there. I'm so early because I thought I'd try the new road to the airport and so left plenty of time for delay, to be honest I prefer it that way. After the last manic trip down to Gatwick it's far less stressful.

This is the first time I've flown from Stansted to New York, I'm trying out a new "all business class" flight from an airline called Max Jet. To be honest I wouldn't have done except they were offering a cheap flight deal with a return to JFK costing "only" £400. Still expensive but given the shorter journey from home (only 45 minutes this morning) hopefully worth it. Apparently they run a 767 with just 102 seats (as opposed to up to 200 in some configurations). I get the feeling it won't be up to true business class standards but it's only a 7 hour flight so whatever it's like won't be a problem.

Today's the start of a two leg journey, I'm staying in Manhattan tonight and then doing another early flight from JFK tomorrow to Los Angeles (via Dallas) where I pick up the car and begin the long drive back to New York over the next few weeks. I'm really looking forward to it all, driving right across the States is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, now is just the perfect opportunity to indulge myself (just a little more than usual).

So expect no techy posts for a while, apologies if travelogue is not what you're looking for, but hey I've got to crow to someone haven't I!