Inaugural UK LNUG Meeting

Today was the first meeting on the new UK Lotus Notes User Group (LNUG). Ben Rose did a cracking job of organising the morning's session hosted at the IBM Bedfont Lakes office near Heathrow. There was a pretty good turnout of about 20 people to see a "Hannover and Beyond" presentation by an IBM-er and a best practices session given by TeamStudio. Neither were new stuff but were still interesting and sparked a good bit of discussion.

Hopefully this will be the first of many sessions that Ben would like to have happening all around the country. So if you missed this first session get over to the website, get registered and come along to the next one.

A few of the guys who went along today had been to the Lotusphere Comes To You event in London. Apparently this was not so successful with several people leaving at lunchtime. One thing which seemed particularly insensitive on a cold, grey and wet London day was to show a video of Lotusphere "proper" attendees having a great time in sunny Florida. That's just nasty!