So where's the third thing?

Yesterday afternoon while I was driving home from lunch I was sat at the traffic lights waiting for them to change. While waiting I could see a guy on a push bike weaving through all of the cars trying to get past, he looked a little unsteady but seemed OK, that was until he got to my car. It looked like he hit a stone on the road or something because suddenly he lost control and managed to fall over the bonnet (hood) with his bike scratching and denting as he went and ended up in a heap in front of me. Very spectacular.

When myself and the guy from the car in front got out to help him it was pretty obvious that he'd had a couple of drinks, he also couldn't speak English (he was Russian I think) so the prospect of getting any of his details was pretty unlikely. So now to get my car fixed looks like it will cost a couple of hundred quid. Thing One.

Then today I managed to spill a whole mug of tea over myself which was annoying but not a massive problem. I stuck the clothes into the (new) washing machine to try and stop them getting stained only to realise an hour later that I had left my wallet in my trousers! So now all of my bank cards are warped and only two of them are actually working at all! Thing Two.

Neither of these bits of luck are particularly bad but they are annoying so I am now just wondering what the third thing will be to complete the set.