Finally Gone

Well yesterday was my last in my contract hence the lack of a SnTT post, definitely feels very strange not going to work today. Although it's quite welcome as I didn't get to the hotel until 2ish this morning and I definitely feel like I had a drink last night.

We had a really great turnout at the pub after work, must have been 40 people there are one point, the poor waitresses certainly earned their tips as everyone seemed to be thirsty. There were a lot of old faces there of people who I have worked with over the years, it was fun to catch up with them all. I've stuck a few photos up on Flickr.

The amount of experience which was gathered in the pub was quite incredible, some of the best Domino developers I have ever seen, some great .Net / SQL guys, BAs, Project Managers, Testers and general managers. As I was saying to them all yesterday, it's not the work which made me stay for almost six years, it was the people. I hope everyone else had as good a time as me.

Now I'll take a few days to relax and then after that it's straight back on to the horse to try and find a new job.