New Design for 50 Word Review

I've been playing around for the last few days with a new "AJAX" design for a site which myself and a few other people contribute to. The aim was to make an entire Domino application work purely with AJAX methodologies so everything from creating a new review through to searching and commenting are all handled within the one and only form in the database.

In terms of design I'll probably play with it over the next few weeks but the basic code is there and tested (at least to some degree) in Firefox, Internet Exploder 6 and Safari 1.2.

The whole thing has been written in less than 2,500 lines of Javascript plus 10 views and 2 agents. So it's a pretty small application in the scheme of things but in terms of responsiveness and general usability I am quite proud of it (now is that setting myself up for a fall or what!).

Please do go and have a play, feel free to write reviews etc, the more the merrier!