Sat in Arlanda Airport

I'm sat here in the bar at Arlanda Airport beavering away on the laptop while I wait for the plane in a couple of hours, there was an earlier one but it was full so I couldn't get on. Anyway, not to worry as there is plenty to do. 

I've uploaded a few photos that I took yesterday. My hosts rather nicely let me have yesterday morning off so that I could have a look around. Stockholm's a beautiful city (if a little cold at the moment) with a huge amount to see and do. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in the summer to see what the different is. Currently most of the lakes and the sea are frozen over still, while we were in the office today we could see people cross country skiing across the lake, while another guy was fishing through the ice, neither were things I had ever seen before.

It's been a very productive week all round, got a lot of quit ecool AJAX code working, I may be able to share bits of it, though that will have to wait until next week at the earliest as an email from Ben has reminded me that I need to be getting some work done on the next release of the Domino Wiki project. I must say, there are worse places to be working on code than here right now.