Off to Sweden

Well it's been a busy few days. We had a family gathering at a house in Norfolk over the weekend to celebrate my brother's thirtieth birthday. A pretty relaxing time for all I think with a really great dinner on Saturday night, I think there were 12 people there and a few (if not more) bottles of wine and champagne.

It was the first time I'd seen my niece since her christening back in January. It's only eight weeks or so but in that time she has grown up so much, she can sit up on her own now and is really close to crawling. But the biggest change is how much she interacts with you, constantly seeming to be learning something about what she's seeing. It is incredible. She also seems to be unnaturally happy the whole time, I guess we only see her when she's on form as she's the centre of attention but from what I have seen she is always giggling about something. It'll be another few weeks until I get a chance to go up to Nottingham again so I guess in that time everything will have changed once more.

Unfortunately I had to leave early to get down to Heathrow last night as I am off to Sweden for a week's consulting work. Because the house we were in was so remote, up on the Norfolk coastline the drive down took almost four hours so I'm very glad I did leave early or I'd never have made it on time this morning. As it is I've managed to have a nice relaxing start and am just waiting for the plane to start boarding from Terminal 1. The lengthy security queues which Ed mentioned seem to have been solved, I got through at rush hour on a Monday morning in under ten minutes.

Anyway I will be online for a lot of the time in Sweden so if you have any tips for things that I should see while in Stockholm then please do let me know.