Blogsphere 2.5 Upgrade

I've just spent an hour or so upgrading the site to use the new Blogsphere 2.5 template, an entirely painless process and well worth while if you're using Blogsphere if only to get the automated Technorati tags.

I had to run a migration on all the blog entries so apologies if that has caused everything to come through in your RSS reader.

The only design change I have made is to the way that the Technorati tags are computed. With the default template, if your category has spaces in it then the formula which computes the tags explodes the category into a list so I have simply replaced out spaces in the field Technorati_Tag_List in the Input Translation formula:
@ReplaceSubstring(@ThisValue; " "; "")
Now as Kevin has pointed out I need to get my head around the CoComment stuff.