Rude Awakening

I had set my washing machine to do a load overnight yesterday (I get cheap electricity in the middle of the night you see). At about 2 o'clock this morning I was woken up by the fire alarm going, my telephone beeping saying there was a power cut, and a lack of any noise coming from my home office. So I dashed downstairs to find the kitchen full of smoke and the electricity off for everything except the lights (luckily).

It's pretty obvious what had happened, the washing machine motor had burnt out (finally, it's been nothing but trouble over the last few years) in dramatic fashion. Luckily the electricity had cut out for that circuit or things could have been more serious. So today I've had to order a new machine which should be arriving at the weekend (rather annoying timing as I am finishing work next week so could do without the expense).

The one thing I noticed is quite how many electrical items I have running off the one circuit, the server which runs this site, the desktop, all the TV and audio equipment in the living room, and quite a few other bits and pieces around the house. Redistributing the kit among different circuits will be yet another thing added to the ever lengthening list of jobs to do while I am not tied to a long commute over the next few months.