Heretical Thoughts

I know this is like heresy in the geek world but when I'm using a Windows PC increasingly I am finding myself switching back to Internet Exploder, and I'm not happy about it. The problem is that Firefox 1.5 appears to be getting slower, buggier and crashes more often. Initially I just assumed that it was my PC at work, it's got all sorts of crap on it and is probably due for a rebuild, but I have also noticed the same on my home PC as well over the last couple of weeks. The recent upgrade to doesn't seemed to have helped much either.

This is not to say that I like IE, I don't, it's several years out of date in terms of functionality, has Microsoft's unique take on "standards" and crashes a lot as well, but it has the advantage that it seems to reload a lot quicker than Firefox when it does go belly up.

So the plan is to downgrade Firefox back to 1.0.7 to see whether that makes any positive difference. Looking around t'internet there seem to be a small but significant minority of people who have had similar problems to me. Has anyone else noticed any similar issues or have I crossed a line here?