We have exchanged

After a thoroughly unpleasant and stressful process, yesterday afternoon we finally exchanged contracts on my new flat so I get hold of the keys next Friday once all of the money has been transferred around the place.

It's really great news as I was beginning to believe it was going to fall over into the new year. There were lots of "interesting" phone calls and emails flying around between the various parties but in the end it has all come together with no real nastiness although it was getting close at times. The lesson from the process is that this country really needs an overhaul of our property conveyancing procedures but, unfortunately the government has already made a total mess of those reforms so things are going to carry on as they are now for quite some time to come.

Two things are certain, I really need a few days off when I'm moved in (good timing with Christmas etc). And I will not be moving again for quite some time!