Well I'm now officially homeless, the removal men arrived at 8:30 this morning and left at midday on the dot. They did a cracking job in fairly crappy weather, managed to keep everything dry and clean and didn't mess up the house too much for the new residents.

There are still "negotiations" going on between my solicitor and the vendors about the huge number of missing documents. When these people moved in, the solicitor they used missed so many things it's ridiculous. My lawyer is somewhat more thorough which is annoying in one way, we should have completed well over a month ago now. But I guess in the long run this sort of stuff needs to be done properly. She still thinks it's possible to complete before Christmas, I'm less convinced and so will be looking for short term rentals as well as everything else going on at the moment.
So I'm sat in Starbucks now which is going to be my main network connectivity until I move down to London so apologies if I am slower than usual to respond to emails etc.