Session Preferences

If you're registered for Lotusphere, yesterday you'll have received an email asking you to fill in your session preferences. Looking through the list it appears that of the three abstracts I've submitted only one is on the list of choices (unless session titles have been changed as a couple look very similar to my ideas). But I haven't been notified of any abstracts being rejected yet. Can anyone shed any light on when we'll hear either way?

Update: Well I got a couple of emails overnight, 2 of my sessions have been rejected, but one is still on the possibles list. Ed noted that he's slightly uncomfortable about this sort of thing being discussed in public. The reason I posted yesterday was that I was just unsure of the process and I certainly don't take the rejections personally. Seeing the list of sessions that we were asked to choose from it's very easy to see the choices each of the track managers have had will have been very difficult to make.

All I can say is roll on January, it looks like it's going to be a great week.