First Christmas Party

It seems far too early this year but last night was the first Christmas party of the season. My contracting agent took us all out to the Gaucho Grill in the west end of London and, stupidly, gave me the wine menu. Well given how much was consumed and the lack of headache this morning I think it was a good move, quality wine = vastly reduced hangover.

I ducked out at about 11:30 as the others were heading off to a night club and that's just not my thing and given the lack of people here this morning I'd guess they had a pretty good time.

From now until Christmas I have at least one party a week to be going to, plus I'll be moving in a couple of weeks, sometime around the 6th of December is looking likely at the moment, oh and some work needs to be fitted in amongst all the fun and games. Going to be a busy couple of months.