VMWare Disk Mount to the rescue

So, I spent a large portion of the weekend (close to 20 hours) starting a new application for a client and all was going wonderfully well. That was until I got to the office this morning when I tried to fire up VMWare to copy the new database onto the client's dev server. The virtual machine which runs the Domino server on my laptop just refused to start, it kept on blue screening and wouldn't even start in safe mode. Boy was I worried, but luckily a colleague pointed me in the direction of a VMWare utility called Disk Mount which, as the name suggests allows you to mount a virtual disk as a share in Windows and read it on your main machine as though it were a second hard drive.

It worked without a hitch and I've been able to recover the database I was working on, cue much relieved brow mopping. Not the way to start a Monday morning!