Charting in your browser

The system that I am working on (for one of my clients) required some online reporting functionality. They have a "proper" corporate reporting system in place and we do plan to send all of the Domino data into that at some point but it's a big job to create the SQL database etc. So in the meantime I've been playing for a couple of days with WebFX Chart. This is a truly great set of code that you can drop into a website and be generating pretty impressive looking charts from very quickly. I would put up some screenshots but the data is confidential, you get a very good idea from the demo site though.

I have created a dynamic report generator that uses AJAX and Java with 7 or 8 different templates which covers most of the reporting requirements for the short term, and all it took was six hours development effort and a bit of reading, gotta love the internet sometimes :o)