What a week

This week has just been crazy so far. After the Ed-dotting on Monday Defectr has been chugging along relatively happily. My call for hosting advice got offers of hosting from several people, just more evidence of how supportive the Domino community is after all of the silliness in the last couple of weeks with the whole Rod Boothby thing. In the end I have decided to share a dedicated server hosted by Fasthosts with a friend, should make a big difference to the performance of all of my sites, but Defectr in particular will benefit.

Other than all that stuff, my house move is gradually moving forwards, the people buying my place are pushing for completion but the flat I am buying is going a little more slowly so my solicitor is doing a great job of trying to keep the two transactions in sync. At the moment, due to the delays in my purchase it's not looking good for a November completion but hopefully I can help to speed things along. I really would prefer to be moved before getting into the Christmas party season!

I guess everyone is aware by now, but IE7 has gone gold and will be pushed out by Microsoft using Windows Update, so you need to make sure that your applications are tested before your users start complaining. Check out Jake's article for a good rundown of what you should be doing