New Application

Well, the application I've been playing with in my spare time recently has reached a point where I'm not too embarrassed to let it be seen in public.

What is it?
Well it's a simple defect tracking application, allowing you to log, monitor and work on development or production issues for small projects.

Why should I be interested?
If you're a Domino developer, then it may be worth a look as pretty much the whole site has been developed using the Dojo framework. This ranges from the block layout (positioning isn't done with CSS but with the LayoutContainer widget) to use of the rich text editor widget and right through to control of form submission using the io application support library and lots of other stuff in between.

If you're involved in small projects (by which I mean involving teams of less than ten people) and don't currently have a system in place to track the development, testing and support of your application then this is good a place as any to start.

It's free!

Uh Oh!
If you've found a bug then... shush, don't let everyone know! No actually please do so that I can have a look into the problem. Either leave a comment here or fill in the Contact Us page on the site. I've done testing in Firefox and IE on Windows and basic checks in Firefox and Safari on the Mac but there's such a huge number of browsers and configurations out there that I've almost certainly missed things.

And if you've got any questions or ideas then please drop me a line.