Back to the real world

After a really relaxing long Christmas and New Years break it's back to the real world with a bang. A few jobs have built up while I was away so I have to get the old brain ticking over again properly. It's amazing how quickly your mind atrophies if you are doing different things for a while. For example, I couldn't do the Times Su Doku's on the train this morning, normally I have ten minutes or so left over before we get into Liverpool Street.

One of the things I have been meaning to do but could never find the time was check out Bittorrent. More specifically I downloaded Azureus last week. It really is very good, I have caught up on the programmes which I actually choose to watch (the West Wing mainly) and I'm left wondering if I shouldn't get rid of my Sky subscription. The two things which are holding me back are the sports channels and Sky+. Maybe I should have another look at Tivo? Is there anyone out there who has experience of both? If I do go that route then I'll also need to revisit my broadband supplier. Currently I have a 40gb monthly limit on traffic and what with this site and torrents I would be pushing that every month I think. So again, any recommendations on good packages that people use would be appreciated.

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone, hope that your first day back at work goes OK. Just remember, only 19 days until Lotusphere!