Wednesday Night Party - Seaworld

About 5,000 of us headed on down to Seaworld last night. It's a bit of a strange park with only a couple of rides (I just stood with beer in hand chatting with a few of the other non-riders). The rest of the park is devoted to penguins (don't trust them as Paul says) and of course Shamu. I've uploaded all of my LS photos so far, with a few of the killer whale show. I'm glad we got there late and so couldn't sit at the front, those guys get very wet and it was beginning to get a bit chilly.

So we're into the last day, but there are still some good sessions to get to including the annual Guru-paloozer and Harass the Developers. But before that everyone has to get to Bruce's OpenNTF session (of course wearing your spangly new OpenNTF t-shirts).