Day 2 / 3: BOFs

Two BOFs which are always repeated and good for a laugh are the Blogging Community and the OpenNTF sessions. I only ojust made it to the OpenNTF session as it was a late night and it started at the inhuman hour of 7am. Even so the attendance was excellent, if a little quiet. Once again, if you use Notes or Domino in any way you have got to go over to the site and have a look at what's on offer. Hell this site is even making use of the Blogsphere template from Declan.

The most interesting question last night in the Blogging BOF was whether the blogging community is too insular and inward looking, we do tend to link to each other in ever decreasing circles. All I can say is that if you're out there lurking and wondering whether to start your own blog, or even whether just to post a comment here or one of the bigger blogs like Ed or Rocky, just go for it. Even though it can seem clique-y it's really not, noone will bite (unless you ask them too). Hell anyone who knows me, knows I am not the most outgoing guy in the world and if I can be accepted into the fold then so can anyone.