AJAX-y afternoon

Today I have been mostly attending AJAX sessions. And they have been pretty interesting all round. To make my head swell I got a shout from both Lance Spellman and Scott Good for past work on the Name Picker sample code.

By coincidence both myself and Kevin Pettitt ended up going to the same sessions this afternoon, always good to catch up with people who I only see once a year in Florida.

For the single most useful tip from the afternoon sessions, during a performance tuning session we were pointed to an Alpha Works tool called Page Detailer, obviously not had a chance to look at it yet but if it is as good as it sounds it could prove invaluable. Basically it profiles the performance of a web page as it downloads, you can see where the time is spent and then deal with improving performance in code, network, graphics or whatever is the source of your bottleneck.

I have just popped up to my room to drop off the (overloaded) backpack and then head out again to see what exhibitor parties I can crash.