Day 0

The parties yesterday were good fun, great to catch up with people and meet some new faces. By 9-ish I was just wiped out, three hours sleep the night before and a few hours of sitting outside drinking (even if it was just American light beer) pushed me over the edge. So I went and got some food from Tubby's and then just slept right through untl 7 this morning.

Luckily I was in time to get over to the Business Development Day general session which was pretty interesting. Lots of teasers about the opening session  proper tomorrow morning so it will definitely be worth the early start if even half of the rumours I've heard turn out to be true.

I've never really bothered with the Sunday sessions in past years but a couple look pretty interesting, the repeat of the Workplace Designer Jumpstart is about to kick off (live blogging is a wonderful thing, I am sat in Dolphin III at the moment). But after this it's over to ESPN again to watch the football (not the proper kind but American style) and then the Sunday Night party kicks off the official Lotusphere week.

Judging by the weather today it should be a good one.