First Arrival?

So I've arrived at the Dolphin this evening (rather early I know but it gives me a couple of days relaxation). It was a bit of a stressful journey as the roads down to Gatwick this morning were not good, luckily they cleared in time but I am not a fan of rushing for the plane.

Anyway the rest of the journey was fine, blasted through MCO in record time, off the plane and into the hotel room within an hour (Room 12089 for future reference)!

So I suppose I should share the new Dolphin information...
  • The rumours about parking charges are true. To self park (not valet) now costs 8$ per night (14$ for valet). I've already complained and tried to get it off the room charge but no luck.
  • When you log on to the internet from your room you will be prompted that it will cost $10 per day. Again I have checked with reception and those booked in through the Lotusphere process (i.e. not privately) have been added to a package where it does not apply)
You have to feel a little sorry for the non-convention visitors, their room is going to end up costs nearly $250 per night through the hidden extras.

Anyway, some dinner now, so see you tomorrow.