Music Buying Tips

While transferring my iTunes music library from the laptop (on OS X) across to the server (Win2K3) I managed to screw up a whole load of the song ratings which is a real pain because most of my playlists are based on them. So I've dusted off a really cracking utility (one for the Mac crowd I'm afraid) called Sizzling Keys which through a whole pile of keyboard shortcuts allows you to rate songs as they are playing in the background without having to swtich back to iTunes. So only another 2,500 songs to go!

Also on the music theme, a site that you owe it to yourself to check out is Forget ITMS where songs cost a massive 79p (here in the UK at least), depending on a songs length it will costs anywhere from 5 cents to 12 cents (that's only 7p a track!) and to make the site even more compelling you are not getting a crappy 128kbps sampling rate but you can choose any rate you want right up to full CD lossless quality. Perhaps most surprising of all it appears to be completely Ben Rose will find it a good site.