After the industrial nastiness of Staffordshire into the gentleness of Shropshire. The biggest town is Shrewsbury, where I am staying tonight right in the centre in a very old pub cum hotel. The floor of my room is running at about 25 degrees from horizontal so the TV is gradually sliding down towards the bathroom.

This trip is about anything but planning. I am waking up in the morning and just going where the fancy takes me, so when I saw a sign for "Ancient Follies" I thought I'd take a look. Well I'm glad I did as the weather has been fantastic today and the ancient follies are built on either side of a mined out but overgrown valley. It was simply stunning and quite a tough walk all told, to get around each of the follies takes about 3 hours. I'll put the photos up when I get to a decent internet connection.

Shrewsbury itself is a very nice old English town, reminds me a lot of Windsor without the tourists which can only be a good thing.

Right I am off to dinner now. Onwards.