A flying visit to the smallest county in the country yesterday. There really isn't much to see or do, I stopped at Rutland Water but the weather seems to have broken for the Autumn and it was really quite nippy. So onwards to Oakham. Really just another pretty English town, sorry I can't say much more than that.

The main purpose of the quick trip was to go and see Simon, Fiona and Elspeth who is now 9 weeks old and was suffering from her first case of the sniffles. Even so she was still pretty happy, grinning and gurgling almost on cue. She's a lovely little thing (proud uncle alert).

We are off to London tomorrow for my birthday present - a carving course at Simpsons in the Strand. Even if I am rubbish at carving, at least we are guaranteed the best roast lunch in the country as a consolation prize. Just hope that the trains are OK for my first trip up in two weeks.