Or henge county as it should be properly known.

I was meeting a friend in Devizes this morning but on the way popped off route to go to Stone Henge which was handily available. A lot of people say it is not as impressive as they thought it would be and it certainly isn't big but I liked it all the same. I still quite haven't worked out what a henge is but I know we should probably have more of them.

We headed off to another henge (Avebury) which I didn't even know existed. Much bigger but less complete it's set in a picturesque village. Along the way we managed to have a coffe in Devizes, a pub lunch in West Lavington and a drink in the pub next to the Avebury henge. I am not sure you'll find a much better way to spend a day. Unless you have an irrational hatred of henges and I have yet to meet anyone with that unfortunate affliction.