Another day of driving so that I could listen to the cricket which has just been superb. I don't remember an exciting test match series before. Usually I have them on in the background because it is good ambient noise but this has been genuinely gripping. Well done England.

So the first stop was Exeter, strange city. It is trying very hard to be olde worlde with lots of littles alley ways like York or somewhere but it doesn't work, everything seems have been built in the 60s and 70s which just didn't do "cute" architecture. That being said the cathedral is impressive and the quayside area is great for just sitting with a beer and just watching the world go by.

After that I headed right over to the other side of the county, the north coast and Ilfracombe. This was obviously a fishing town in the past but is now a pure tourist area because the landscape is so stunning. The houses overlooking the bay there must have some of the most stunning views in the country. Rather like my hotel room in Torquay which is high up overlooking the bay from the Imperial Hotel.

With another day of sunshine I am getting progressively more sunburnt to the point when I am more red than white now. Oh well got to make the most of it.