Name Picker

One of the things which has bugged me for a long time is getting a good name picker. We have been using a servlet on our Domino server for a long time which looks at views in the NAB and allows the user to select individual names to be added to a document in a web browser. Alas the servlet is showing its age and with the advent of AJAX it is about time that we came up with something better.

So the requirements:
  • A generic popup window which allows a user to select one or many values from a very large view (100,000 documents plus)
  • It has to perform well
  • It has to be cross browser compatable (at least IE and Firefox)
  • It has to be easily re-usable

    I have put up a demo page which looks at a view in my sister site -, over the next few days I'll put up an explanation of how it works and some of the tricks which I have used.

    Update: I have added a couple of articles which will hopefull be useful. How to use the name picker and how the picker works.