Consolidation on the gadget front

Over the last few years I have been using a mobile phone, a Palm and an iPod and frankly it was getting a bit ridiculous with all of the wires going everywhere with me for recharging, synching and files transferring. So over the last few weeks there has been a consolidation going on. Firstly I got an Orange SPV M2000 which is a PocketPC and phone in one. Everything has gradually been transferred over to it, with contacts and files first of all and finally music using a 1gb SD card.

The final test was to see whether the new phone over the weekend would prove to be a winner, it wasn't. Going back to just the phone on its own feels like a compromise now and even the convenience of the smaller body didn't convince me to switch back. So over the last few days the iPod and the new phone have gone on eBay and sold very quickly. I'll keep the old phone just in case (plus it's not worth anything any more).

The difference in what I carry around with me everywhere it very noticeable, with my bag being lighter and not having to constantly be charging something or other.

This is not to say that things are perfect now. The things I want to see happening over the next few years are:

  • Hard disks in phones. We are already hearing rumours of the Motorola / Apple combination to make the iPhone. The ideal sort of spec is going to take some time I would guess because the combination of spinning disks and decent battery life don't sit well together. Hopefully we should see early models within a year though.

  • Phones with proper 3.5mm headphone sockets. I don't know about you but to find comfortable headphones has been a real challenge. Now that I have found, and love, my Sony MDR-EX71SLB buds I don't want to be forced to use some shoddy, painful, cheap proprietary headphones just because the phone manufacturer won't fit a standard socket.

  • 3G integration with smart phones. I have never, ever seen anyone using video messaging. The only benefit of 3G that I can see is it's use for data. GPRS is slow, I want to be able to get my mail on the train at slightly more than glacial speeds please.

    I am not really up on what is happening in the mobile industry so maybe these things are all underway. I don't suppose that I'm the only one who wants these things. Each of my old gadgets; the iPod, the Palm and the K700i phone were great items in their own right, I just want one gadget which does all of these things in the same package. So if someone could get that underway and let me know when they're ready that would be great!