Superb server add-on

We have been battling an application at work this week which has one absolutely huge form (600k+) which has to run over an SSL connection. As you might suspect it doesn't perform well in the far flung reaches of the world. There are two stream of work going on: one to reduce the form size and the other to improve the serving performance of the Domino server. Enter Puakma Web Booster. It's a Java application which sits in front of your Domino server and basically compresses all of the content sent out to the browser using GZIP. This means that our 600kb form is reduced in size to around 80kb which makes a quite staggering improvement in perceived performance.

While we were starting the testing on our dev server we noticed that the product is free for non-commercial use, so I have ust spent an hour setting it up on this server, hopefully you will notice a fairly significant performance improvement as well. The other benefit is that I won't need to worry about my bandwidth limits as the pages being served out are around 80% smaller than without the compression.

Either way, I definitely recommend you go and take a look at the Puakma site, there is some cracking stuff over there.