A bitty day

I had to leave work at lunchtime yesterday to get home and get my bathroom plumbing fixed. Apart from a fairly dramatic plume of water when the shower was taken apart this went without incident although it has re-affirmed my total lack of practical abilities.

The rest of the afternoon and evening I just spent lazing round in the garden enjoying the (rare) sunshine. That was until about 11 o'clock when there was an almighty bang from the main road. As far as I can tell a car turned out of my road (the turning is controlled by traffic lights) and onto the main road. At the same time a fire engine was going through the red lights very fast indeed. It just destroyed the front of the car. How the lady in it was not killed I have no idea but the last I heard she was not even injured. The fire engine itself then left the road and crashed into the front room of a house. Again no injuries.

There were loads of police, ambulances and another fire engine on the scene within a few minutes so I left them to it, all of the onlookers were just getting in the way. But they were still clearing up the road a few hours later.

I really need some sleep today.