Accumulated Crap

After the estate agents had all finished on Saturday I spent the rest of the weekend having a massive clearout of the house starting in my office. I do try my best not to hoard things but even so I still managed to fill the car three times over with useless stuff that I kept for some reason over the years. Still the house is looking a lot less cluttered now which can only help when viewings start hopefully later this week.

I don't often go to the rubbish tip run by the council (as was obvious from the amount of crap I had to get rid of) and since the last time I was there it has turned into a military run operation. There are loads of staff around policing what people dump and where, no longer can you just chuck all of the rubbish into the nearest skip. Instead it has to be sorted into electricals, metals, cardboard, glass, polystyrene, clothing and more. The whole thing is being run as an exercise in guilt, if you get caught putting stuff in the wrong place then woe betide you. I suppose as a strategy it is quite effective because it didn't seem to be very busy the few times I was there, unless everyone was off fly-tipping on some poor farmers field!