Annual Rituals

Every year at about this time the trains go to hell in a handbasket, that is they are even worse than usual. The wholly unexpected hot weather causes engines to break down and air conditioning to pack up. Friday evening last week was a prime example. I had heard they were screwed up so I aimed for the 16:30 which eventually pulled into Ipswich at about 19:00. There was no air-con but we did have massive overcrowding. Not a fun journey.


I suppose it is this which triggers my thoughts about moving down to London. The City at this time of year is just lovely, people seem happier, everything is bright and fresh. So I spent a while looking on Rightmove to see what prices are doing at the moment. Rather surprisingly they look almost attractive this year. I mean, they are still ridiculous (about GBP300,000) for a decent two bedroom flat in Zone 1 but that is moving towards the affordable. Anyway, the upshot is that I am actually going to look at a couple of places (if the estate agents ever get back to me) just to feel things out a bit more.


Ultimately there is a trade-off between commuting time and the size and quality of place I get to live in. In the past I have always gone for my nice three bedroom house with a garden and a two hour commute but it never hurts to re-visit the decision to make sure that's still what I want.