Journey Home

I left Yorkshire yesterday morning but hadn't checked the travel news before going so a journey which took 3 and a half hours on the way up took 5 hours back. Still the weather wasn't bad so I just took ot slowly, listened to a lot of music and then crashed out when I got home. In the 7 days away I drove 1,595 miles which, thinking about it now is a hell of a lot but didn't really seem it at the time. The week has really helped with progress in the County Challenge, 12 down and another 27 to go. The bonus now is that the furthest counties have been knocked off the list (apart from the south-west which I am going to in July for a week) so the remainder I should be able to do over weekends quite easily.

Before heading back to work on Monday, we have a bit of a family do for the weekend, Simon and Fiona are down with various other people popping on over today and tomorrow, should be good fun.