Another weekend, another trip. This time down to Hampshire on the south coast. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best but I still managed to get a look around both Portsmouth and Southampton. Not knowing either city it was interesting to see them both apparently in a huge state of upheaval. There is a lot of building, reconstuction and development going on in the form of new flats but also enhancing the tourist side of things.

Portsmouth is the home of HMS Victory and the Mary Rose at the Historic Dockyard and is well worth a visit if you are down that way. Victory was Nelsons flagship during the battle of Trafalgar and where he died. You're allowed onto the ship which is really very interesting, as long as you manage not to bang your head on the low beams. They were not designed for anyone over 5'5" tall. The Mary Rose was raised from the bed of the Solent in 1982 and is still undergoing the preservation process which will allow it to survive. Again very interesting and hugely impressive to have got it up in such good condition after being under the sea for centuries.

Hampshire is going to go onto my list of counties to spend more time looking at, I imagine it's really good during the summer.