We're on the offensive

It's good to see Domino on the offensive for the first time in ages. Bill has written an article comparing Domino and Exchange from a mail point of view. In my own world I am involved purely in application development where we have just started a new project with Domino as the linchpin of an enterprise scale compliance application. The reason Domino is being used - speed of development because it does so much good stuff out of the box.

This is nothing new to those of us who deal with Domino and other platforms regularly but it has been nice to see the reaction of people who have never seen Notes/Domino for anything other than pure mail. Also entertaining have been the conversations with "experts" whose decisions not to use Domino are based on seeing an application written in 1996. The world has moved on since then guys, Domino has moved on further and faster than some seem to think.