All coming together

Much to my surprise and largely, I suspect, to a very dedicated department manager my table and chairs have arrived this morning. After giving them up for a lost cause and starting the process of getting my money back from American Express, I got a call during the week from my new hero, Jan, who said she was fed up with not being able to help her customers so would I mind if she just sent the display furniture out to me. She was as good as her word and the delivery even arrived early.

After the week we've had at work some good news is a welcome change. The new project is growing at an alarming rate but the delivery date is not moving accordingly, but at least we have a project manager starting next week so maybe he'll be able to tame the beast. To make things even harder we have been spending the last couple of days interviewing to get some help in. When you don't interview for a while you forget how hard it is, not just for the interviewee but the interviewers as well. Out of 15 CVs we have interviewed 3 people and have some decisions to make over the weekend. The theory in Joel's book is fine but putting it into practice properly is slightly harder.