Coldplay Live

A few months ago I managed to get hold of some tickets to see Coldplay live at Earls Court in London (always good to see big websites running on Domino isn't it). Well the date sort of snuck up on me last night so what a nice pre-Christmas surprise.

So off it was to west London to see Richard Ashcroft (off of the Verve) as the supporting act. To be honest he wasn't great but when the old Verve tracks like Bittersweet Symphony were rolled out everyone sang along and it began to get the mood up. He must have been a bit disappointed because the arena was barely half full for him, still the sing along was pretty impressive by the end of his 40 minute slot.

It was a good half hour wait for the main act to begin as the stage techs did their stuff but it was well worth it as there was a huge screen erected at the back of the stage which threw out some incredible light shows. It was a really impressive showcase of just how many songs that have become modern standards they have released. The fact that Yellow could be used so early on in the evening just demonstrates there is some depth of material they can call upon. Pretty much every track was a huge audience participation event always building towards Fix You as the finale which just sent shivers up your spine.

It's the first concert I've been to in quite a while and my first ever at Earls Court, but it's definitely got me in the mood to see more bands live again.

I've put a few pictures up this morning on Flickr (only a few as most them were so shaky you couldn't make out what they were of!) and tonight I'll stick up a few bits of video. here is a bit of video. I wouldn't watch it if you're motion sensitive, I really am not a threat to any professional TV camera men!