New Server

After a week of building servers at work, I have spent today building my new home server which hosts (among other things) this site.

The old machine which I had been using for a few years finally got too snail-like so I have gone for a new Windows box with Win 2003 server plus Domino 7.0. It always takes a while to get everything going properly hence the downtime this afternoon. But I think we are there now. The only thing which confused me a bit was setting up the SMTP task. Because this server is hosted via a dynamic DNS provider, I have to provide authentication to the SMTP server which I use to relay mail out to the rest of the world. Not something which you can do in Domino as far as I can tell (although I am a truly amateur administrator so I would like to be proved wrong). So after some reading and finding a tip from Volker I downloaded SMTP Auth which handles the authentication across to for me.

For the web server side of things I am very happy with quite advanced server config changes but if a professional admin saw the way I have everything to do with mail configured they would end up in tears (whether of laughter or pain you can decide) but everything seems to be working OK so I will leave well enough alone.

This is really the beauty of the Domino server - most things come pre configured out of the box so that even an admin numpty like me can get the thing going.

Anyway, if you spot any problems please let me know, otherwise this server will now sit in a cupboard and we'll see what how long it can chug away without needing a reboot.