Sametime installation funnies

We needed to install Sametime 6.5.1 onto our development server today which I had never done before but assumed would be pretty easy. However because of our setup there were a few issues which I thought I would record for my own benefit in future even if noone else finds it useful.

  1. All Sign in Form Mapping documents in your Domino Web Server Configuration database (domcfg.nsf) will be deleted and replaced by a new server wide Sametime document.
  2. A pile of new servlet definitions will be added to the file which may or may not cause problems (we have disabled them for the moment).
  3. The Session Authentication field in the server document is changed to "Multiple Servers (SS0)" instead of Single Server which breaks browser authentication.
Luckily one of the guys on the team has been here before and so fixed the problems in no time but it would have taken me hours to get things back to a working state. Be warned!