Remote iFrames allow multiple views on a screen

One of the big pains in Domino is the limit of one embedded view on a form. This approach allows you full control over what is displayed on your forms by using a virtual iFrame technique.

The form just has a div and two JavaScript functions. The JavaScript will load another page (such as a view) into a virtual iframe. The external page which is loaded will call back to its opener and insert itself into the div which you specify.

Attached is a working, cross browser sample database. Every time you change the select list, the JavaScript is called to load a new URL (in this case simply changing the restricttocategory parameter) into the div on the page.

The JavaScript itself is fairly complex but only to handle the various foibles of the different browsers. It came from the Apple Developer Connection website and I have simply taken it a bit further to integrate more happily with Domino.

Download Sample Database