Minor Changes

After an excellent New Years weekend I have spent most of today just catching up with paperwork and doing some very minor coding. At the request of Simon I have added a referrers log and the ability to add comments to 50WordReview.com. You may also have noticed that both that site and this have been up and down like nobodies business over the last couple of days as I took the opportunity to rebuild the server which they sit on. Hopefully it will be a little more stable and has a better backup setup now so in the event of a hardware failure (which I am sort of expecting as the box is 3 years old) it shouldn't take too long to restore things.

Everyone will be back to work in the UK tomorrow and, rather coincidentally, we have reached the end of the project we had been working on for the last couple of months so I would imagine (well hope really) that things will be a little quiet for a couple of weeks before Lotusphere.