End of show

It's been another great day in what, in my humble opinion, has been the best Lotusphere since 1999. Bill's session was excellent, I thought I knew most things there were to know about OO LotusScript but he added some new stuff for me. It's always slightly humbling when you go to these sessions, in our normal lives we are considered experts in Notes and Domino but when you come here you realise quite how much there still is to learn.

The two "beat the panel" sessions (Gurupalooza and Beat the Developers) were as entertaining as ever. And finally the closing session seems to have learnt from previous years, there was almost no "official" talk and they went straight into the entertainment. Steven Wright the deadpan comic managed to get through 50 minutes of one liners non stop. Very very funny and well worth hanging around for.

There now follows the inevitable come-down after a week of such great fun and interesting new information. Hopefully it won't be too hard, maybe all of the new, cool stuff I've seen will provide some comfort.