Another busy day

I have just been walking from session to session today, unfortunately the network in the Swan is less than brilliant so not much posting going on.

The standout sessions today were the panel with Esther Dyson and Ray Ozzie, and the OpenNTF BOF.

The panel took a while to get going, I am not sure everyone quite understood what was meant to happen and so were being polite but eventually there was a really good discussion about the future of computing and the divergence between the corporate and personal needs which people are going to have and how, possibly, they may converge or collide in their requirements. I hope that this sort of thing is tried again in future, inevitably it will be a hit and miss affair but if the panel is of the quality that we had today then the chances of a valuable discussion are greatly improved.

The OpenNTF BOF was just entertainment from start to finish. Bruce and all of the guys who devote so much time to this non-profit effort deserve all of the plaudits they get. I am always on the lookout for something which I can add to the party, I just have not yet come up with a good enough idea. Still I will keep trying.

Tuesday night is always the toughie for what to do, there is no big official gathering so people fragment. I am heading down to the Dolphin bars now to see what's going on but after all of the walking of the last few days I am not sure how long I'll last.