A quiet night out

After a day packed with sessions and feeling reinvigorated about the future we went out for dinner at Hooters last night. A classy establishment with no doubts, it was pretty good fun. Next door we found a pool hall so stopped in there for a few games (I lost yet again, but only 4-3 this time). The pool tables were so fast and the pockets so big that it made even me feel as though I knew what I was doing!

Today is going to be just as busy as yesterday. Looking at the schedule there is something I want to go and see during every slot which has rarely happened on one day let alone two in previous years. For this we have to thank the planners of the 'fear for taking comments from last year to heart.

Even the wireless network is better, I am sat waiting for the Innovators Panel to start. Not sure what to expect but a lot of people have said it will be good. I believe Ray Ozzie is one of the people on the panel, not sure who else but I will give an update later.