New Toy (Finally)

I mentioned last week that I hadn't tested the new search feature on here with a Mac. Well I have now as my new toy finally arrived yesterday.

Yes it's a maxed out 17" PowerBook monster. I got very annoyed with my Windows laptop recently as it was taking forver to do anything and I was spending an increasing amount of time just securing it rather than actually working. Not very good reasons for such a major change but I know several other people who have switched (either partially or completely) recently. The common factors between us - we are all developers, we all write lots of Java and we are all involved in the Notes/Domino world, they are all very positive about the move.

It's still very early days and I am feeling my way a little but so far I am impressed. No make that extremely impressed. Over the next few days / weeks / months I will post my experiences and any tips which I pick up.

My only gripe so far - Where is the Domino Designer for Mac?