Not a good day

After the long weekend I was hoping that today might be a little easier. Unfortunately not. When I got in this morning one of the servers had a fairly massive hardware failure which took it out of commission for an hour. Then the other server in the cluster managed to corrupt it's address book so we have run for most of the day with absolutely no fallback position. It all seems to be OK now but I think there is a perception that this is due to the upgrade yesterday. I can't see any link it just seems to be very unfortunate timing.

On a completely different note, I spent my train journey home fixing my RSS feed. I hadn't realised it was broken until it was pointed out to me by Ed. RSS seems to be overly picky in my view. I had tested it with NetNewsWire and the new RSS feature in Firefox but other RSS validation seems to fail. I suppose they just let more through than the standards actually specify. Anyway, it seems to be working now so please let me know if there are still problems.