Bizarre experience

I decided to catch a black cab into the office this morning. Lazy I know but there you go. It costs about GBP4.50 from my hotel to the coffee shop where I get my breakfast and not having any change I handed over a 20 pound note to the cabbie. His response was "Ah, I don't have any change". Apart from this being a surprise in it's own right (why would you be taking cash off people and not be able to break a 20?) the next bit of the conversation surprised me even more.

We both ummed and ahhed a bit not sure what to do. Then I noticed that I had some Euros in my wallet and offered to pay with them fully expecting him to go off into a right wing rant (Back off Brussels and all that). But, to my surprise, he pulled out a conversion chart and promptly told me what the fare would be in Euros and worked out what change to give me as well (in Sterling).

Cabbies have a bit of a right wing nutter reputation but this guy has changed my preconceptions with a nice surprise to start the day.